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Rolex Daytona "SACO"

Ref. 116578SACO

Rolex Daytona "SACO"

Bedazzled timepieces may not always be everyone’s cup of tea, but behind its connotation, dedicated collectors recognize them as works of art, such as the present lot. Introduced in 2019, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 116578SACO encased in yellow gold features a lustrous mother-of-pearl dial set with diamond indexes. With its bezel set with 36 baguette-cut orange sapphires, the contrast between the sunset-hued gem-setting against its pearly white dial is eclectic in the sense that it transcends an immediately recognizable appeal.

Although the ref. 116578 SACO is not the first Daytona model to feature a baguette-cut orange sapphire set bezel, the first was the ref. 116598 SACO Leopard launched in 2004. While Rolex is synonymous for its innovative approach to incorporating natural gems and hardstones to their timepieces, gem-set Daytona’s first appeared in the mid-80s via the refs. 6269 and 6270. Since then, the firm has incorporated much more than its regular diamond setting but utilizing precious gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Produced in small quantities depending on its configuration, the gem-setting process requires tremendous skills and a tedious procedure where each gemstone featured on the bezel is cut specifically to its fit. Utilizing the highest quality of gemstones, each stone has to be sorted individually to ensure the highest level of consistency in spectrum, hue and uniformity in general.

The present example Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 116578 SACO from circa 2020 is offered in “like new” overall condition and is complete with its full set of accessories. Not only is this example well-preserved, but certainly rare in the wild with a low output in production and highly demanded by collectors today. With the ever-growing desire for gem-set timepieces in the market today, what was neglected in the past is now cherished and appreciated for its outstanding craftsmanship and rarity. A great timepiece to acquire for the charismatic collector of unusual and bedazzled timepieces.


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