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Rolex Daydate Onyx arabic

Ref. 18238

Rolex Daydate Onyx arabic

Ferrite, howlite, aventurine, diaspore, onyx, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, pink coral, tiger’s-eye, malachite... It is quite hard to list all the stones used to craft the dials in the Day-Date’s history. Nevertheless, the reason why Rolex introduced these timepieces is crystal clear: render each single wristwatch unequalled and unique. This striking Day-Date perfectly exemplifies both features.The black onyx dial displays gilt graphics. Particular attention must be given to the absence of hour markers since the only holes made on the dial are those for the hands and both date and day openings.The superb overall state of preservation of both case and bracelet greatly underscores the collectable interest of this Day-Date.

The natural stone made dials were named by Rolex “special dial”. This particularly well preserved Day-Date features a most exclusive onyx hard stone dial with Arabic numerals.
The highly fragile structure of the onyx makes it very delicate to perforate.
The present watch is particularly well preserved and still retains a good portion of the green Rolex caseback sticker, which tends to prove that this watch has hardly been worn since it left the manufacture 20 years ago.

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