Active since 2005 we offer high quality works on paper and paintings by modern and contemporary international artists, such as: Chagall, Calder, Picasso, Richter, Kiefer, Appel, Ernst, Calder, Poliakoff, Delaunay, Giacometti, Warhol, Tàpies and many more... Situated in the heart of Zurich, available from Monday to Saturday, providing advice for both the collector and the investor. With a wide network of resources, we are able to assist in forming collections and can also source works by specific artists. We accept works by particular artists, on consignment and in some instances we purchase works outright. We also provide free advice on appropriate methods for the sale of entire collections or individual works, and can recommend and organize appropriate conservation, framing and photography of artworks. If you have any enquiries at all, please do not hesitate to call or email us.